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Marketing Created by a Small Business for a Small Business


Running A Small Business Isn't Easy

 We're a small business so we understand just how difficult it is to start and run a small business.  That's why we don't promise what we can't deliver.  That's why we don't create marketing strategies to improve our revenue.  We make decisions based off of what's best for you and what will drive revenue for your small business, not ours.  We're not successful unless you are successful.  It's that simple. 


Marketing That Works For You, Not Everyone

Marketing is not a one-size fits all shoe. You need a unique marketing strategy that is created specifically for you and not copied and pasted from client to client. You need someone who understands small businesses, understands your customers, understands your goals, and understands YOU.


Success Shouldn't Be Complicated

Don't fall victim to false promises and guarantees.  Being a business owner, you know that business success is determined by profit.  You need to make more money than you spend.  Marketing success is determined the exact same way.  Your marketing needs to make you more money than it costs.  And the more revenue your marketing can generate relevant to its cost the more successful it is. 

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 Don't fall for gimmicks or false promises.  Hire a company that will put your business over their business.  Hire a company who understands the difficulties of running a small business.  Hire a company that has experience marketing and selling for small businesses.  Hire iGrow.