Business Consulting for Small Businesses

How can a business consultant help drive revenue for my small business?

Running a small business is hard.  It's really hard.  You know that.  Yet time and time again, business consultants make it seem like it's not that difficult and if you just follow their instructions then all will be fine with the world.  Unfortunately, if they ever had run a small business, they would know that it's just not that easy.  So where do you begin?

Step 1 is understanding your customer and the value of your product or service to them.  If you don't know the value of your product or service and why your customers purchase it then you need to before thinking about anything else.  Your entire sales and marketing strategy needs to be based off of this core concept.  

Step 2 is understanding that simple is better.  Too often small businesses get sucked in by flashy lights and fall prey to what we call "pretty" over "practical".  When you try to be "too cute" or "too flashy", then you tend to over-complicate things and overwhelm your staff and your customers.  Employees and customers both appreciate simplicity and the easier it is for them to understand something then the easier it is to get them to buy in.

Step 3 is understanding quality is better than quantity.  We can get you a million leads.  We can plaster your name everywhere.  These are typical phrases a lot of marketing companies will use to sell you a bill of goods that you just don't need.  Quality is better quantity.  Wouldn't you prefer to deal with 10 customers all of whom have a genuine interest in your product or service vs. 100 customers with only 10 of them having a genuine interest?  The more strategic you are and the more thought you put into your goals and strategies the easier it will be to pull in more quality customers with less resources.

We've been there so we know how hard it is and what it takes to be successful.

We have over 2 years of combined experience marketing and selling for small businesses.  We've run small businesses before.  We are a small business.  Don't get tricked into a cookie-cutter approach.  We'll work with you hand in hand every step of the way to understand your business and your goals and create a strategy that is unique to you.  That's our differentiator.

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