Email Marketing for Small Businesses

How can Email Marketing help drive revenue for my small business?

72% of consumers say email is their favorite form of communication with businesses and, on average, emails yield a whopping 4300% Return On Investment (ROI) for businesses.  Emails are also the number 1 activity on the internet and mobile devices.  That's more activity than even search engines get.  So why aren't you doing it?  Or, if you are, why isn't your email marketing successful?  There's a laundry list of reasons why email marketing falls short for small businesses but the number 1 thing to remember is:


Most people are checking their emails on their mobile device.  This means they are typically on the go and are not giving their full undivided attention to their emails.  However, most people write and design an email for a laptop or PC.  These are the types of emails that end up in the trash.  Emails need to be short, simple, to the point, and provide one clear call to action.  A good subject line can increase open rates by as much as 50%.

Email marketing may not be as sexy as SEO or social media marketing but it's the most effective.

If you're not incorporating email marketing into your marketing strategy then you're leaving revenue on the table.  Most marketing companies don't even mention email marketing because it's not big money maker.  We don't create marketing strategies to boost our bottom line.  We create marketing strategies to boost your bottom line.  That's why we also suggest incorporating email marketing into a multi-channel marketing strategy.  With over 25+ years of combined experience developing email marketing, we know what a successful email campaign looks like and know how to make it work hand in hand with your other marketing campaigns to drive revenue.

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