Print Advertising for Small Businesses

How can Print Advertising help drive revenue for my small business?

Direct Mail Marketing (DM) and Print Marketing have become endangered species over the last decade with the rise of digital marketing.  Although endangered, they’re not extinct.  And, in fact, can be an extremely effective marketing vehicles for small businesses if executed properly.  There are really only 2 things that create a successful direct mail and print campaign- 1) choosing the right audience and 2) developing the right creative.

A direct mail and print campaign is only as good as the people who receive it.

Before even thinking about a creative, you need to make sure your direct mail will be received by the right audience.  How do you do that?  Well, luckily for you there is an overabundance of list suppliers who have a list for almost any type of customer as publications that tailor to a specific audience.  Looking for a homeowner who recently moved to Louisville, KY?  There's a list and publication for that.  Looking for a someone who recently purchased car that lives in Elizabeth, KY?  There's a list and publication for that.  You're able to target exactly who you want to target.

KISS it.  Keep it short and simple.

The most successful direct mail and print campaigns are the ones that are succinct, simple, easy to read, stand out, and have a clear call to action.  The biggest mistake small businesses make is they overwhelm customers with too much information and forget to tell them what they want them to do.  Don't fall victim to "pretty" over "practical".  We'll work with you directly to understand who you want to target and what your goals are to develop the perfect direct mail and print campaigns that will work hand in hand with your other marketing campaigns to drive revenue.

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