Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

How can Social Media Marketing help drive revenue for my small business?

Social media allows you to skip the middle man and communicate directly with customers and potential customers.  Say your target customer is someone who has a household income of $50,000, is single, is between the ages of 22 and 40, is interested in fashion & style, and lives in Louisville, KY.  What if you could get your business and its product or services in front of that customer and only that customer?  You'd probably ask "Where do I sign?"  That's the power of social media marketing.  Unfortunately, most small businesses don't know where to start or how to execute a successful social media campaign.

Before even setting up a social media account, know who your target customers are and where they spend their time.

The list of social media platforms go on and on- facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, snapchat, youtube, instagram, pinterest, etc. etc. etc.  To be successful on social media, you don't need to be on every social media channel.  You just need to be on the ones that your customers are on.  You need to understand what demographic and audience utilizes each social media platform and how customers engage in each of them.  You also don't need to post every minute of every day.  All you need to share is content that you know your customers will engage with.

The success of your social media marketing is directly correlated to the relevance and quality of the content you share.

We never post just to post.  We never cast a wide net across all social media channels.  We take the time to understand your business and your target customer to know where your time and money should be allocated when executing a social media marketing campaign.  We work with you directly to develop a unique social media strategy that works hand in hand with your other marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness and revenue.

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