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How do you know if you're hiring the right company for your small business marketing?

It's the wild west when it comes to trying to figure out who's the right company to hire to help with the marketing for your small business.  Guarantees that are impossible.  Promises that can't be kept.  Misinformation.  Lies.  Lies.  And more lies.  The problem with the marketing industry is that marketing is subjective and there is little to no startup cost.  So, pretty much anyone with a computer can position themselves as a "Marketing Guru."  And what are the repercussions if the "marketing gurus" don't deliver on their promises?  None.  They just simply pick up and move on to their next victim while you, your livelihood, and your family are left to pick up the pieces.

iGrow is different.

Having been in marketing and sales for 25+ combined years and having run small businesses, we understand just how difficult it is to start and run a small business.  We also understand what successful marketing and sales look like for a small business.  That's why we don't promise what we can't deliver.  That's why we don't create marketing strategies to improve our revenue.  At the heart of everything we do, is you.  We make decisions based off of what's best for you and what will drive revenue for your small business.  We're not successful unless you are successful.  It's that simple.  And that's why we're different.  And that's why we deliver results where others fail.

When you have the right priorities and goals, the sky is the limit.

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Hire the right company for your small business marketing.

 Don't fall for gimmicks or false promises.  Hire a company that will put your business over their business.  Hire a company who understands the difficulties of running a small business.  Hire a company that has experience marketing and selling for small businesses.  Hire iGrow.